Didn’t we do well, again

We had a great Christmas here at Your Vintage Life. And now it’s the clear up after 3 days of children mayhem! Before all the pressies get put away I thought I’d share some of the vintage ones (i.e. the best ones!).

Firstly the kids. Boy did santa bring a lot of toys….and clothes..and biscuits! When Herbie was asked what his favourite present was he thought long and hard. “I love all my presents” he said. “I really liked my biscuits”. Clearly the way to a boy’s heart is through his tummy!

Herbie got a new bedroom from Santa but I will leave that to another blog! He also got a train set (modern one) but there was room for a little bit of vintage. The 1980s Polaroid camera was a real hit. You load it with plastic discs that run over a wet sponge when they fire out. Just like old Polaroids pictures….flap them about a bit until they dry and a photo appears. It’s in great condition having lasted over 30 years….Herbie managed to drop it and chip it after only 3 hours!

Kitty fared much better in the vintage stakes. She got her retro fabric tortoise I blogged about some time back (read about it here). She got heaps of Fisher Price toys….a 1970s television, 1980s roller and the best of all…the 1960s pull along snoopy dog. She loved this, and has walked around pulling it since about lunchtime of Christmas day!

Boxing day the vintage continued with dolls and a lovely 1950s pram. She didn’t seem to get a look in though as her cousins (all boys) spent the afternoon pushing it around the house!

Then there was Mr YVL. The great thing about our job is we find vintage clothes all year round so I have collected 3 polo shirts dating from 50-70s. He put the caramel one on straight away so that was a hit!

He also got a Mucha calendar. Any regular readers will know we have a few Muchas in our lounge. He was an art nouveau artist but enjoyed a resurgence in the late 60s.

Yes, a calendar is a practical present but  with all the vintage fairs next year and inevitable children’s parties it’s probably about time he knew in advance what’s happening!

His last present was a Gaudi diary. We both love his architecture…..

and so we can see more of it as I have booked a very rare weekend off for us both to go away to Barcelona. I wonder where the flea markets are there????

Then for me. I really did well! I received 2 pieces of furniture for the house, one retro, one vintage.

This G plan stool with leather seat it gorgeous and sits perfectly in our lounge. (Read all about it here).

Then this 1950s fold down table is gorgeous and in amazing condition. Not sure where this will go yet but I’m sure I will find somewhere. It reminds me of last years folding 3 tiered table he bought which we featured this time last year (Read about it here)

I am dreaming of a pantry when we get round to doing the kitchen. A small cupboard full of shallow shelves filled with glass jars and tins. I have a huge collection already but hey this pantry in my head needs more! So more I got!

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some Taunton Vale. This is the first year that I have been bought some though. It’s a chopping board to match all our storage jars, butter dish, tea towel etc etc!

Then there was 2 vintage dresses including the 10p 1950s dress I have blogged about before. This brown one is a Peggy French dress in mint condition. It has ballooned sheer sleeves, matching belt and a pussy bow neckline.

Finally the best present of all. A DRGM bracelet covered in rhinestones. We have been researching it since and all we know so far is it dates pre 1945 from Germany. It is truly stunning and ones things for sure…..I am a very lucky girl.

Now back to the cleaning and tidying……(not feeling so lucky now huh?)


Shopping for men!

Men can be hard to buy for. So, here at Your Vintage Life, we have added some last minute mens vintage gifts to the website.  We can of course get it to you for Christmas…yes there is still time!

 We have gorgeous soft mohair warm scarves from the 1960s

Double sided…one side patterned, one side warm

We have mod style scarves from Tootal and Sammy

We have smart cravats for that party…..all from the 60s also

all available from www.yourvintagelife.co.uk

Happy Mothers Day

For anyone that read my Mother’s Day blog: Treasure your mummy! and wondered what I did for my mummy…well take a look!

My mummy got a vintage basket stuffed full of bought (sorry not handmade) goodies: wine, sweeties, strawberries, crackers, olives, cheese..all the things I cannot alas make or grow out of season. It did however, have some of my handmade cranberry and ginger chutney to go with the cheese.

I also made up for my Aunty Christine, from her son living in Oslo, the vintage glass posy bowl mentioned in the blog.

  I aranged tulips and roses for her and delivered it this morning! After her telling him all about the blog and all of our vintage lovelies…he took the hint and chose the pink bowl! She loved it!

Home made cards and hand picked flowers for me, from my children……and a home cooked veggie toad in the hole.

Happy Mother’s Day, from Your Vintage Life

Treasure your Mummy!

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching we, at Your Vintage Life, have turned our heads to thinking about which treasure to buy our treasured mummy!

We have so many pretty vintage collectables but we feel this year everyone should spend the time making something for their mothers. Add this to a vintage item that can be treasured forever, it will really show her you care.

A simple start is to pick flowers from the garden and arrange them in a vintage vase. We have this pretty pink 1930s posy bowl which will look great with tulips in..and will look great sitting  on a shelf. 

If you don’t have many flowers available, go for an elegant bud vase for an individual early flowering rose. This is a Whitefriars 1960s purple vase with a bubbled clear base.

Next thought is for you to get in the kitchen, put on your vintage pinny and start baking! Home made cookies in a 1940s biscuit barrel will be a total surprise for her, and can be used forever more.

Or make cute cup cakes or blueberry muffins. Check out a previous blog of ours called Berry Nice for an easy recipe! Then place them on a vintage tiered cake stand. Now for the better bakers amongst you, why not bake a whole cake and display it on a one tier cake stand. We have classic Tazza styles but we love this 1950s glass one with a stainless steel handle..it is so unusual and the colours are really vibrant.

As you are in the kitchen don’t stop there…make amazing home-made dark chocolate truffles and put them in a pretty teacup. We love the Limoges pink floral coffee cups which any mummy will adore! 

Tie a ribbon bow around the handle and watch her smile! Gordon Ramsay has a great recipe which we made at Christmas to give to anyone that called round over the festive period.

Alternatively place them in a pretty pink sundae dish.

If making something is just a little too hard…lets face it time can be an issue…then here are some other great vintage ideas to show her she is treasured! Everyone loves vintage jewellery! These enamel 1960s large daisy brooches are so eye-catching and in amazing condition. We have them in pink, lilas and green.

Think about pampering your mummy with a vintage dressing table set. We have gorgeous trinket boxes, dusting powder bowls and mirror sets. This one is pretty with a tapestry design.

A great idea is to get a vintage magazine from her youth…the pictures and articles will bring back so many memories and the adverts will make her smile! We have some fantastic Women’s Own issues from the 1950s. We totally love the styling!

I hope we have inspired you to invest in a vintage treasure for your treasured mummy! Maybe, you will try the home-made route too? And if you are a mummy, it is time to start hinting to your little ones!

Happy Mothers Day!

Didn’t we do well?

Today’s job is to pack Christmas away, but before I do….here’s some of the vintage lovelies we received.

For him…some more Taunton Vale to add to the collection. His love of orange means our kitchen is filled with bright, zesty retro treasures….from 70s Tupperware storage, to 60s CathrineHolm enamel cookware, to funky orange Taunton Vale flower storage jars. We even have a (modern) orange Smeg fridge!

He also had a diary filled with images of 1950s pin-ups. I love this…I love the styling, the clothes, the fact they are not skinny!

For our little girl………a 70s Fisher Price Jack in the Box….a new addition to our vintage toy collection. I, in fact, had this when I was a child and I thought it was rather scary. Kitty however thinks it is hilarious!

For our little boy, a 70s game of Kerplunk. I love the box with the groovy kids faces…Herbie, so far just wants to play with the marbles!

They also received some hand knitted jumpers from their Great Nanna B. This cardi is so cute and a one off!

For me…..I received an array of vintage nighties, slips and a cute bed jacket. Ruffles, embroidery, lace, pretty pastels and bright limes…GORGEOUS! (I don’t quite look like the pin-up in Adam’s calender though, but I’m working on it!)

Lastly, I received this lovely folding 3 tier cake stand/table. I LOVE IT!!! I am going to put it in the bathroom with trinkets on each shelf. It is in such great condition with the pictures having no fading at all. I will also use it as a prop at the upcoming Vintage Wedding fairs.

With that…it is all over and my focus is now on wonderful  spring trends and buying new stock. Watch this space!