Last week’s weakness

My weakness is shopping. Actually, not just shopping. My weakness is shopping, thrifting, collecting….I can’t drive past a car boot sale without dropping in, I can’t visit a new town without thrifting through the charity shops, I can’t ignore a sign saying “Garage Sale” be honest I can’t even drive past a skip without meer-catting my neck up to see if there’s any bounty inside.

So maybe I should share with you my fact here is last week’s weakness.

Last weeks wonder was actually a gift from my mother in law (she works in a charity shop…wow..yes a vintage traders dream!). A vintage ceramic Masons mixing bowl.

Now we do have a lot of these, both in our stock room and in the kitchen cupboards. But this one is pristine. Yes, she has cleaned it within an inch of its life, but amazingly it has no crackles, chips, scratches..its IMMACULATE!

Unlike this one…full of cracks therefore relegated to the bowl we collect the eggs from our chickens with (and a few tomatoes!).

We have sold quite a lot recently. At Twinwood Festival we set a quarter of our pitch up as a vintage kitchen (alongside a lounge, a boudoir and a picnic area). Our 1950s blue kitchen table sat at the front with all the vintage baking stock on. Everyone loved it, buying most of it all!

I think the Great British Bake Off (Tuesdays BBC2) has something to do with it. Contestants are battling it out to prove their baking attributes..always mixing in a vintage bowl like this one.

Funny Story!

My son, Herbie, 3 and a half, joined me on Saturday evening on the sofa in the “adults” lounge (his words). I was wrapped up under a knitted throw watching Celebrity Masterchef. Herbie was in awe of the cooking…getting upset when the Scottish lady lost, loving the man from Hollyoaks (mummy’s’ Favourite Programme..according to him).

The next day he again asked to watch mummy’s cooking programme. I said it may not be on but we would see. A repeat of the Great British Bake Off was on….he was all excited to watch cakes and biscuits being made, in mixing bowls like mummy’s.

I left him for a full 20 minutes (amazing for a boy with a short attention span!) and went to cook the lunch. After the time had passed he came in crying his eyes out.

” Whats wrong Herbie?” I said, worried.

“Mummy! All that baking……has given me a headache!”

He doesn’t want to be a chef anymore


Treasure your Mummy!

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching we, at Your Vintage Life, have turned our heads to thinking about which treasure to buy our treasured mummy!

We have so many pretty vintage collectables but we feel this year everyone should spend the time making something for their mothers. Add this to a vintage item that can be treasured forever, it will really show her you care.

A simple start is to pick flowers from the garden and arrange them in a vintage vase. We have this pretty pink 1930s posy bowl which will look great with tulips in..and will look great sitting  on a shelf. 

If you don’t have many flowers available, go for an elegant bud vase for an individual early flowering rose. This is a Whitefriars 1960s purple vase with a bubbled clear base.

Next thought is for you to get in the kitchen, put on your vintage pinny and start baking! Home made cookies in a 1940s biscuit barrel will be a total surprise for her, and can be used forever more.

Or make cute cup cakes or blueberry muffins. Check out a previous blog of ours called Berry Nice for an easy recipe! Then place them on a vintage tiered cake stand. Now for the better bakers amongst you, why not bake a whole cake and display it on a one tier cake stand. We have classic Tazza styles but we love this 1950s glass one with a stainless steel is so unusual and the colours are really vibrant.

As you are in the kitchen don’t stop there…make amazing home-made dark chocolate truffles and put them in a pretty teacup. We love the Limoges pink floral coffee cups which any mummy will adore! 

Tie a ribbon bow around the handle and watch her smile! Gordon Ramsay has a great recipe which we made at Christmas to give to anyone that called round over the festive period.

Alternatively place them in a pretty pink sundae dish.

If making something is just a little too hard…lets face it time can be an issue…then here are some other great vintage ideas to show her she is treasured! Everyone loves vintage jewellery! These enamel 1960s large daisy brooches are so eye-catching and in amazing condition. We have them in pink, lilas and green.

Think about pampering your mummy with a vintage dressing table set. We have gorgeous trinket boxes, dusting powder bowls and mirror sets. This one is pretty with a tapestry design.

A great idea is to get a vintage magazine from her youth…the pictures and articles will bring back so many memories and the adverts will make her smile! We have some fantastic Women’s Own issues from the 1950s. We totally love the styling!

I hope we have inspired you to invest in a vintage treasure for your treasured mummy! Maybe, you will try the home-made route too? And if you are a mummy, it is time to start hinting to your little ones!

Happy Mothers Day!

Berry nice!

Here at Your Vintage Life we do love a cake! Not just eating them off beautiful cake stands…we also like to bake them in our vintage kitchen!

Today we made berry muffins with our little boy, Herbie. They were a great success so I’ll take you through the recipe (and share some of our vintage kitchen treasures).

First job was to get our vintage pinnies on! This is mummy’s pinny but Herbie wanted to wear it. We, of course, washed our hands!!

Then we went down the garden to pick some juicy autumn raspberries from our fruit bed.

Next, we stopped off at the “ladies”; our 6 chickens to see if they had laid  any eggs today. Thankfully they had and we carefully brought them back to the house and into the china chicken.

We checked we had all the rest of the ingredients:

  • 2 cups self raising flour
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil


So, lets start mixing.

We use a 1950s Tala measuring cone and a Green’s grip stand mixing bowl.

The cone measures everything out in cup sizes…how it used to be done before grammes and kilos! This is so much easier….except when the recipe asks for grammes and I get a little stuck. So…I revert back to the retro 70s Salter orange scales that hang on the wall.

Little hands did the pouring and the mixing. He spent most of the time eating the raw ingredients: “I love flour mummy!”

I then remembered some blackberries left over from foraging that were in the freezer. I picked these in a park at the back of the village hall having visited an antiques fair there!

Bicarbonate of soda was added using our 1960s measuring spoons! The dry mixture was given a good stir and then we moved onto the wet ingredients. Mix in the eggs, the oil and milk and then we are ready for the fruit. At this point Herbie wanted to eat the berries. “I love blackberries mummy!” was shouted as little fingers kept picking them out of the bowl.

We poured the mixture into the muffin cases and went to make the topping.

This is a mixture of 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of plain flour and 40g of butter (measured in the Salter scales). Finally we added berries to the top. We made 15 muffins in total.

We set the Smiths kitchen timer (also orange!) for 20 minutes and wished the cakes “Good Luck” before they went into the oven (200 degrees) to rise.

Last job….of course is to eat them with a lovely cup of tea! Here, served on pretty pink Royal Winton china! We have a lovely 1 tier cake stand, small tea pot and a great tennis set. This is a plate with a space for a tea cup…tea and cake in the same hand…how very useful!

Berry nice!