This week’s weakness

My weakness is shopping. Actually, not just shopping. My weakness is shopping, thrifting, collecting….I can’t drive past a car boot sale without dropping in, I can’t visit a new town without thrifting through the charity shops, I can’t ignore a sign saying “Garage Sale” be honest I can’t even drive past a skip without meer-catting my neck up to see if there’s any bounty inside.

So maybe I should share with you my fact here is this week’s weakness.

Again, a gift rather than a purchase. It’s a muff! Black astrachan with a metal zipped pocket so not only does it keep your hands warm but it doubles up as a handbag.

It had a short silver chain, resulting in it hanging too short. So, for now I have added black ribbon to hang it by.

My favourite winter coat is the same material, fitted and princess shaped. They will look glorious together.

Actually you can’t really see it can you? Maybe I will team it up with the vintage leopard.

The dictionary describes a muff as “a thick, tubular case for the hands, covered with fur or other material, used by women and girls for warmth and as a handbag”. I had no idea it doubles up as a handbag.

Interesting muff facts:

  • They originated in the 1500s in Italy
  • 16th century muffs had the fur on the inside not the outside

and that’s about it, because if you google muff you get a whole lot more muff than you bargained for!

Bring on the winter I say!


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They’ve been framed

For all the people who have read our blog “We’ve got it covered” all about our lovely collection of 1940s/50s Woman’s Own magazines…here are some pictures of them now framed and hung up in our home.

In the hall, above the telephone table we chose the 1945 cover of a woman on a red phone which matched her lipstick perfectly. Another favourite is the 1939 cover of a woman with quite a bit of flesh on show…she looks beautiful.

To complement the yellows in the phone cover, we chose the 1954 lady in lemon.

In the bedroom, we chose classic 40s and 50s ladies with hourglass figures to match our Sanderson Fifi wallpaper.

The gent in a tux has also been chosen to sit alongside all the beauties. For more pictures of this room check out our blog “Fabulous Fifi

We’ve got it covered

I treated myself to 12, yes 12, vintage Woman’s Own magazines last week. They date from as early as 1939 with the latest being 1957. They are great inspiration for my magazine articles for Vintage Life magazine….sometimes a tiny piece, even an advert will trigger an idea off in my mind.

For those who regularly follow Your Vintage Blog, you will know we are totally renovating our 1920s home (read Our Patterned Palace for reference)….and the conversation cropped up about pictures  for the walls.

 I love the 1950s furniture and design, Adam loves the 1960s therefore selecting  original prints that we both agree on is quite hard. Also, finding them is a challenge in itself.

The plan is to frame the covers from these magazines so I chose them wisely. These are some of my favourites.

The lady on the red telephone dates amazingly from March 1945. Anyone who has read my articles on vintage phones will know in the 40s and 50s everyone had the choice of black or a bright red one is so rare. The colour matches her lippy perfectly. This will hang in our hall above the vintage telephone table and our 1950s Ericofon phone…which is…green!

Now this one is stunning with quite a lot of flesh on show for….1939! Her skin is flawless and the red/white/blue towel is patriotic.

The next one will go in our bedroom. We have just hung 1950s wallpaper (soon to be blogged) which will offset this image perfectly. A lady is being tied into her tight bodice dress in an eye-catching emerald colour.

This dates from November 1948 and totally reflects Christian Dior’s New Look range launched in 1947 with tiny waists and full skirts. I love her shocking pink gloves!

The next dates from 1954 and is a Christmas edition. The model is called Audrey Dalton and I love her tassle edged hood.

This one dates from 1954 and shows the hat of the day. This Chinese influenced style was so chic (and I bought an original one in fantastic condition last week..but thats another story!)

I chose 2 more from the 1940s which are a lot smaller than the later and earlier ones. A dapper gent with a lady playing with his bow tie dates from August 1946.

I love the Winter Wonderland feel to this one from December 1946. Her dress is edged in yellow fur with matching gloves..she looks gorgeous.

I chose this one for the headline on the front “Good Homes on a Low Budget”. Dating from 1957 this will be great for my articles….as well as the 16 page pull out Holiday Guide. The model is wearing what looks like a hooded kagoul..maybe summers back then were are wet as now!

I chose the Coronation special for inspiration for any writing next year. Our Queen looks so young here.

Lastly, “So you want to a model?” has an elegant lady on the front from 1952. Her hat is so unusual, with curved sides and netting covering the bottom half of her beautiful face. Her black eye liner is great too…need to study this well to get mine looking better!

I have already chosen old soap powder adverts from the 1950s to frame and hang in the utility room.

So for pictures for the wall and ideas for the magazine, I would say We’ve got it covered!

Truly inspired

I have recently been inspired by another Louise at Catwalk Creative Vintage. Her blog discussed the humble dress clip which were very fashionable in the 1930s and 40s. Her photos were beautiful with some great original 40s pictures too. Please go have a read!

So here’s how it inspired me….I too have a dress clip, given to me by my partner a few years back. I never actually knew what it was therefore I had never worn it. It is is stunning with brightly coloured stones within and a flower sculpted within the metal. Louise advised me she thought it was probably Czech and from the 1930s. WOW!

Then, coincidently my mum was going through a box of old photos and pulled out this amazing photo of my grandmother Ella, taken in the 1940s. She looks tall and elegant in her leaf design tea dress. She is looking straight at the camera proud of her look.

On closer inspection..she is only wearing a dress clip! Pinned onto the middle of her dress it simply sparkles.

Turning over the photo she has written a description of her look:

Darling,  As this isn’t very clear I’ll describe the dress. It has fullness from the front with two pockets at each side. The neck as you can see is just plain, opened all down the front where i wear my big diamante clip. Everybody likes it very much and i really do, better than any dress I’ve had. Ella

We are not sure who this is written for…but my grandfather was in the Far East during the war so we only presume she sent this photo out to him.

So back to my dress clip. I finally wore it yesterday, worn the same way as my stylish grandma….in the centre of a black 1950s crepe dress.

Alas, not at a happy function, but I’m sure she would have been proud!

Thanks Louise for showing me the way (I think my grandma beat us to it though!)  x