Happy Vintage Valentine’s night

The perfect gift for your loved one this Valentines is some vintage nightwear. Did you know that negligees only account for 4% of nightwear sales? Are we really all sleeping in shorts and a T or an old trusty pair of pjs?

Well, I say let’s change this figure….yes they are comfy but sexy they are not.

We seem to have come along way since the 1800s when the negligee was first worn. Originating in France from the word neglige meaning neglected…women neglected to wear big baggy tunics opting to wear simpler versions of their outerwear. In the early 1900s this still was the case with long negligees in silk and soft lacing.  We have a pretty blue silk one which reminds us of the lovely underwear seen in the recent adaptation of Birdsong. So feminine and pretty….a million miles away from low slung pj bottoms and a vest top.

In the 1920s hemlines rose with the styles mirroring the flirty, Charleston style. It wasnt really until after World War 2 that the negligee became more sensual, sheer and slinky. Rita Hayworth wore a stunning silver grey negligee in Life magazine in 1942, sitting infront of an amazing vintage mirror (I don’t think anyone really noticed the mirror do you?)

The late 50s/60s saw the Baby Doll nightie which I simply love. So short, loose and sheer. Gil Evgren painted many a baby doll….this one is our favourite, see through nightwear worn when toasting marshmallows! The movie  Baby Doll in 1956 may have given the flirty nightwear it’s name with Caroll Baker wearing one. Or some say it’s due to its similarity to what a baby wears…short so you can easily change her!

In the 90s the style was to wear underwear as underwear. Courtney Love kick started this trend teaming up the sheer prettiness with black leather. Checkout out our blog 90s, A fashion decade?

The peignoir is another favourite and a perfect addition to your vintage slumber. A sheer robe, often undone from just below the bust down, it’s a perfect cover up. We have quite a few this Valentines. The name also originated from France (such a glamourous lot) from the word Peigner meaning to comb your hair. Maybe as ladies would sit at their dressing table wearing one whilest getting ready for bed? Rich, glamourous ladies even used to wear long gloves with their peignoirs!

I love these vintage bed jackets. These are 1950s/60s versions but they first were seen in the 1940s often as capes.

And for anyone who wants something more daring..what about the 80s look? Tight, brash and definately fun….here is a bright yellow Mary Quant lace body stocking!

Here are some more that we have for sale this Valentines. Which one is your favourite…or are you more of a pj lady?

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  1. OMG! Rita is divine! You’ve got a great selection of lingerie here. I really love the pastel blue bed jacket and the baby dolls are super-cute too. 😉

  2. mdanderson89

     /  January 27, 2012

    I am so glad I am not the only one who is saddened by the lack of pretty, feminine sleepwear. Finding vintage nightwear is one of my absolute favorites!!! [I might also be addicted to vintage slips]


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