We are open!

This week Your Vintage Life opened it’s doors to our new online boutique. We applied sometime back to have a shop on ASOS and were lucky to be accepted straight away. Fast forward quite a few weeks….when we were prepping stock and busy doing student fairs…and we are open!

Our boutique is a vintage accessory shop. Our slogan is “Bags of vintage accessories” and boy do we have bags of vintage accessories!

We have handbags. Lots of handbags.

We have ladylike 60s ones.

We have boho 70s ones.

We have glam 80s ones.

And then we have jewellery.

We have eye catching ones.

We have pretty ones.

We have simply stunning ones.

We also have tonnes of scarves.

We have classic 80s ones.

We have huge paisley ones.

And we have so much more to come, including mens accessories (when I manage to tie Mr YVL down to modelling them). Tie…..get it??

We will have ties, scarves, cravats, bags for men. Plus gloves, hats, belts……..

Why not pay us a visit (maybe follow us???) and let us know what you think! Just press here

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  1. Congratulations. Your new store front looks great. 🙂 Are you keeping your website and eBay shops open too?

  2. Thanks! Yes we have the website and eBay shop too. Beginning to segment them though:homewares and wedding on web, clothing on eBay and accs on ASOS. eBays quute slow at the moment so I thought we would give ASOS a try!!


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