Last week’s weakness

My weakness is shopping. Actually, not just shopping. My weakness is shopping, thrifting, collecting….I can’t drive past a car boot sale without dropping in, I can’t visit a new town without thrifting through the charity shops, I can’t ignore a sign saying “Garage Sale” be honest I can’t even drive past a skip without meer-catting my neck up to see if there’s any bounty inside.

So maybe I should share with you my fact here is last week’s weakness.

I simply fell in love with this 1950s dress last week and had to buy it. It will be perfect for a wedding I have in a few weeks time.

It is a chiffon feel material and layered over a lining so the main part is not see through. The colours are roses which is such a classic look.

I love the rolls over in a wide neck at the front and forms a V back. The collar points at the back which is a really nice detail.

The bodice is tight with a nipped in waist. The skirt flares out and looks great with my petticoat which matches!

The sleeves are 3/4 length, sheer with slight puffed shoulders. The cuffs are folded.

It is in stunning condition and will complement Mr YVL’s vintage navy 3 piece suit perfectly.

Not sure which bag to choose to accompany it…how about my 50s American barrel box bag?

What do you think?

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  1. Too cute! I think your bag is a great choice too. 🙂


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