Brolly Good!

Gosh this weather. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s terrential rain. One moment it’s flip flops then it’s wellies (well for the children anyway!!)

But the great news is that now the Great British Autumn is here, you can get out your vintage brolly!

Check out your local charity shops as often they have a great selection.  (or borrow your granny’s!). Here are mine….

I have an AMAZING blue, red and white polka dots brolly. With a white plastic swan head. A great find at a local flea market for £2 (cheaper than Primark!)

Then there is my retro 70s brown one. It has a faux tortoiseshell handle.

Check this one out…..stunning, with its sloped edge and pointy top.

Even the kiddies have one.

They are stored in a 1950s umbrella stand in the hall.

But, remember the rules. A vintage brolly isn’t just to keep the rain off. It is a stunning accessory which must co-ordinate with your outfit. What do you think?

My Norris brown leather bucket bag, a silk Pierre Cardin scarf, cream leather gloves with the vintage brolly

My 1960s red “wetlook” Kelly bag, another silk scarf, leather gloves and my lovely vintage brolly

My 1950s boxed Kelly bag, leather gloves, 70s St Michael scarf and the gorgeous pagoda style brolly.


Cheer up the rainy days and your autumn wardrobe with This Weeks Giveaway! This lovely vintage necklace in glorious autumnal colours could be yours….

Simply: 1. Sign up to the blog 2. Let us know which brolly you like best by leaving us a comment 3. Tell your friends through Facebook, Twitter etc so they can join in the vintage fun!

Winner will be drawn on Thursday 29th September x

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  1. Lovely sets. The brown retro 70s umbrella is my favourite. Bring on the rain!

  2. Got to be the pagoda style, just divine.


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