Lovely Leanne

Later this week Your Vintage Life will go live with our new look eBay shop. Selling great vintage as always, we will also be introducing 2 new categories: Boutique and Customised Vintage.

To support this we brought in the lovely Leanne to model our womenswear. Here are a few shots to wet your appetite….with examples of the type of things you will see in each category.

Vintage womenswear including tonnes of dresses, knits and coats

Vintage Boutique full of evening dresses and vintage glamour

Great customised vintage with re-worked military, cropped skirts and Levi hotpants

So watch this space…..we will be listing madly all week!

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  1. Beautiful items and lovely model xx

  2. Oooh! Can’t wait to see. Leanne is indeed very lovely. 🙂

  3. Thanks Louise and Betty…your feedback is wonderful and much appreciated x Leanne is my lovely neice…oh to be 18 again eh?


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