A heavenly breakfast

Flicking through some 1960’s wedding magazines, researching some amazing images of vintage brides for our new range….we came across the most fabulous adverts. As a bride in the late 60s you were enticed with images of home wares to add to your wedding list.

We found this one in Bride and Home magazine from 1969. We love it as we know the range well. We inherited some last year from Nanna Wallis who maybe didnt realise how important it was to revolutionising a newly wed’s life…….

A wonderful looking lady has prepared breakfast using the Midwinter tea service called Riverside. The words say, “Midwinter can’t make breakfast a dream. Just less of a nightmare.”

Now firstly, I must ask how many of you would describe breakfast as a nightmare? For the 1960s newly wed, it obviously was….

“We’re not trying to kid you. Breakfast is almost always hell. But Midwinter pottery helps to make it a bit more civilised.”

So for her it was actually hell before she had this range……

It was designed by John Russell as modern tableware for the more grown up customer who didnt like the stylised shapes of the 1950s. Riverside has a dark green base with reeds over white. The shapes are fabulous especially the gravy dish.

Now back to the advert….so breakfast was hell before…

“Look at the pot. We designed it to be practical as well as handsome” (I havent heard a coffee pot be described as handsome before)

“The lid never falls off in mid pour because it has a lip to keep it on. And the handle is easy to handle because it’s big enough to get  your hand around. The handles on the cups are good and big, too, so you won’t fumble over your first cup of tea.

How do you like the simplicity of those shapes and patterns? We think they’ll be a welcome sight to the most bleary eye.”

We have the dinner service and trios for sale at Your Vintage Life. Why not add them to your wedding list and make every breakfast time heavenly?


Read all about us!

We at Your Vintage Life are very proud to have been interviewed by Louise Sleigh on her fantastic blog: Catwalk Threads. Why not have a read and find out a little more about us! Now, I do like to talk so make sure you get a cup of tea/glass of wine as it may take some time to read it all!!

Treasure your Mummy!

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching we, at Your Vintage Life, have turned our heads to thinking about which treasure to buy our treasured mummy!

We have so many pretty vintage collectables but we feel this year everyone should spend the time making something for their mothers. Add this to a vintage item that can be treasured forever, it will really show her you care.

A simple start is to pick flowers from the garden and arrange them in a vintage vase. We have this pretty pink 1930s posy bowl which will look great with tulips in..and will look great sitting  on a shelf. 

If you don’t have many flowers available, go for an elegant bud vase for an individual early flowering rose. This is a Whitefriars 1960s purple vase with a bubbled clear base.

Next thought is for you to get in the kitchen, put on your vintage pinny and start baking! Home made cookies in a 1940s biscuit barrel will be a total surprise for her, and can be used forever more.

Or make cute cup cakes or blueberry muffins. Check out a previous blog of ours called Berry Nice for an easy recipe! Then place them on a vintage tiered cake stand. Now for the better bakers amongst you, why not bake a whole cake and display it on a one tier cake stand. We have classic Tazza styles but we love this 1950s glass one with a stainless steel handle..it is so unusual and the colours are really vibrant.

As you are in the kitchen don’t stop there…make amazing home-made dark chocolate truffles and put them in a pretty teacup. We love the Limoges pink floral coffee cups which any mummy will adore! 

Tie a ribbon bow around the handle and watch her smile! Gordon Ramsay has a great recipe which we made at Christmas to give to anyone that called round over the festive period.

Alternatively place them in a pretty pink sundae dish.

If making something is just a little too hard…lets face it time can be an issue…then here are some other great vintage ideas to show her she is treasured! Everyone loves vintage jewellery! These enamel 1960s large daisy brooches are so eye-catching and in amazing condition. We have them in pink, lilas and green.

Think about pampering your mummy with a vintage dressing table set. We have gorgeous trinket boxes, dusting powder bowls and mirror sets. This one is pretty with a tapestry design.

A great idea is to get a vintage magazine from her youth…the pictures and articles will bring back so many memories and the adverts will make her smile! We have some fantastic Women’s Own issues from the 1950s. We totally love the styling!

I hope we have inspired you to invest in a vintage treasure for your treasured mummy! Maybe, you will try the home-made route too? And if you are a mummy, it is time to start hinting to your little ones!

Happy Mothers Day!

Beauti-flea retro

We are selling at the upcoming Furniture Flea on 27th March. It is a retro furniture and homeware sale at Bethnal Green. The fair comes from the same team who bring Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair that we also sell through.

The aim is to sell mid century treasures at affordable prices…something a tad rare in London these days. And here is a little taster of some of our beauti-flea retro items that we will be bringing…

Dark elm Ercol coffee table and 60s retro tea set

 60s medicine bottles, Murano glass and chrome coffee tables

50s, 60s and 70s curtains

G Plan coffee table and West German ceramics

1950s room divider and Seaforth homewares

1960s lighting

 Retro telephone table and phone

If you like what you see, come and check out the Flea!

Our Patterned Palace

We finally moved into our new house last week and we wanted to share some of the retro lovelies that awaited us. It is a 1920s house in need of total refurbishment….as it is totally set in the 1960s. Yes, yes, we do love the retro look but perhaps to a modern standard.

Every room is covered in 60s wallpaper…some good, some bad, some down right ugly!

 Let us know which you love and don’t love…

The amber one is in the hall…I love it but it will be ripped out as we are moving the stairs so it will become a natural casualty.

The pink flower power look is in the spare room and i love it. Our cream vintage furniture will look stunning against it.

The wall effect in the hall is definitely going! It is up against parquet flooring which is lovely but alas will also be going with the stairs moving. Or maybe we could just add some more…

I think the lounge walls and floor speak for themselves!

Kitty’s bedroom wallpaper is so pretty and looks gorgeous next to her shabby chic, white furniture and original bedroom fireplace.

The kitchen’s 70s tiles will be ripped out! They are along side bright blue walls…not the best colour scheme.

Our bedroom has a 60s psychedelic pink wall..I quite like it but it is not in good condition.

The landing carpet is spectacular!

The last owners left us a few gems which we may well keep..let us know your thoughts!

A 1980s car phone! I have never seen one before and may have to stay!

The starburst clock is bold and works!

The wall lights in the lounge with their teak background goes well with our furniture.

And finally I totally love the 1950s fire guard..never seen one before and looks great in the spare room!

We intend to blog the whole renovation so keep reading for news on which wallpapers are lost from our patterned palace!

And I will let Herbie have the last word…from the 1960s hatch!